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How I Work: The Art and Science of Marketing

“To capture their attention, enchant them, educate them, build trust and authority, and get them to take action, you need to combine hard science with the ‘soft skills’ of an artist.” – Mark McGuinness via copyblogger.com

I wasn’t until I read the blog post titled “Are you a Marketing Artist or Scientist?” on Copyblogger.com that I was able to define what makes me unique.

I am a marketing person who does graphic design.  

I’m a Marketing Artist.

What does that mean? I’ll explain.

I’m most comfortable with the creative parts of marketing. I excel at coming up with clever titles and captivating graphics. Give me some time and I’ll come up with unique hooks for a blog post that ties together disco and scuba. Or I’ll write a newsletter that ties Caribbean travel to the November elections.

I can snap a photo, incorporate typography, and make a branded social media post that gets shared throughout your network.

Fact divers are cooler

Don’t even get me started with events. Wait, do get me started.

For your next event, I can design a new brochure, make some fliers, and design a trade show booth that threads your branding through each piece.

Promoting your event on social media and engaging your audience with creative photos during the event are tasks that don’t feel like work to me.

social postI love to read social media and online marketing blogs. I thrive on keeping up on the latest trends. Ask me for a cool app to edit videos and I will giggle with delight when I can send you a link to a cool new app I just read about.

I troll the internet daily for fun content I can share with my community. This makes me a natural at growing your social media presence through daily engagement.

What about the science side of marketing?

Just because I side with the artists doesn’t mean that I lack the science skills.

I have a secret weapon. Marketing automation software by HubSpot. It completes my marketing skill set.

I want to collect the data from the people interested in learning about the topics that fall within ability.

Marketing is no longer just about making a pretty web page. Now it’s about making a webpage that attracts traffic and collects contact information for potential customers.

Now it’s about permission email marketing and building a relationship through their inbox.

HubSpot is the tool that manages these inbound marketing campaigns for me.

It completes the science part of marketing like keyword research, blogging, email campaigns, calls to action, landing pages, social media monitoring, lead management, content delivery, and analytics. It tells me what works so I can correct as I go.

So that’s how I balance the art and science of marketing.

flier brochure folder biz cards

With this combo of skills, I help small business improve their visibility online.

I hope this gives you some insight on how I work. If you need help with graphic design or marketing your company, I’d love to chat. Just fill out the form on this page for a free marketing assessment.


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