Julie Clarke-Bush

Marketing for Your Scuba Business

This is the first DEMA Show I’ve missed in eleven years! I’m missing all of my friends from the scuba industry, but I’ve been busy working on my next project.

I’ve had so much fun developing an online brand for Reef & Rainforest over the past few years, that I’ve decided to go out on my own and start a marketing company.

I specialize in graphic design, social media and developing your brand message.

I’m creating some marketing products specifically for the scuba diving industry.

The website is www.highvizmarketing.com 

If you go there now, you can enter your email address and be updated when everything is ready.

If anyone needs help developing an online footprint, please send them my way. I can write a creative newsletter, make an awesome graphic and slap it all over the internet for any scuba biz.

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Julie Clarke-Bush


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