Julie Clarke-Bush

Lotus Hartley

Graphic Design Project

Lotus is a wellness advocate at doTERRA International. She’s the mama behind Mindful Yoga Mama and is a licensed massage therapist. Lotus offers educational classes for those wanting to learn more about the healing powers of doTERRA essential oils.

These fliers were handed outĀ at networking events and repurposed for social media. I helped Lotus promote her essential oils by masteringĀ her marketing message and designing beautiful graphics.




Recent Work

Lotus Hartley

Graphic design for doTerra wellness advocate.

HighViz Marketing

A marketing agency to help small businesses improve their visibility.

Attention Homes

Youth Shelter and Drop-In Center

Watershed School

Watershed School in Boulder, CO

Reef & Rainforest

A travel agency for scuba divers.

Making WAVES

An Ocean Activist Event in Colorado

Julie Clarke-Bush


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