Julie Clarke-Bush

Reef & Rainforest

Director of Marketing and Operations

Reef & Rainforest Dive & Adventure Travel focuses on planning dream vacations for scuba divers. Not just any scuba divers mind you, the kind of divers that like to travel to exotic destinations to find the best diving in the world. Specializing in places like Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines Reef & Rainforest has a long history of working with world renowned diving operators. The well traveled and all diver staff say let our experience be your guide.

Working as the Director of Marketing I’ve developed all aspects of the company’s brand. I’m most proud of the work in setting up our social media.  We started with zero social media presence and now have a thriving online community and a substantial internet footprint. Other projects include brochure development, trade show booth design, magazine ads, website content creation, newsletter publication and much more.

Recent Work

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Reef & Rainforest

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Julie Clarke-Bush


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